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April 2, 2010

Immigration Reform- Adjust Status

By Michael H. Joseph

Senator Chuck Schumer announced plans to announce a new bill that will provide for immigration reform that will allow illegal aliens to adjust their status. So there is hope for the 12 million people that are here illegally to finally get green cards and become permanent residents and citizens.

All illegal aliens who are present in the United States on the date the bill is passed will have to register or face imminent deportation. So if you are an illegal alien, you will have to start the process to get your papers (Green card) quickly or get deported.

Senator Schumer announced that there will be a family reunification provision, which will allow illegal aliens, to not only get green cards but to bring their families here to. So all illegal immigrants should consult with immigration attorneys as soon as possible.

Michael Joseph offers consultations for all illegal aliens in the New York and Westchester area, including Port Chester, White Plains, Ossining, New Rochelle, Greenburgh and Valhalla.

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