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August 15, 2010

Commercial Truckers And Weapons Charges In New York

By Michael H. Joseph

Often commercial trucks driver interstate and when crossing state lines are suddenly subject to different criminal laws. Often in the South and in Middle America, it is not illegal to possess a weapon. In fact commercial truckers often carry weapons for personal protection such as taser guns, mace pepper spray, butterfly knives, brass knuckles and even handguns.

Unfortunately New York has very stringent weapons laws and even unknowing violations can land a commercial trucker in jail. Michael Joseph is a New York criminal defense lawyer who has represented numerous interstate truckers in weapons charges. We have successfully achieved non-criminal resolutions for commercial truckers on several occassions.

Commercial truckers from out of state who enter New York are at risk for arrest when they possess a weapon. Usually a routine traffic stop will result in an arrest if a New York police officer observes a weapon in the cab. If you or your trucker employee has been arrested in New York for a weapons charge, call our New York criminal defense attorneys. All after hour voicemails are forwarded to New York criminal defense lawyer, Michael Joseph’s cell phone. All calls will be returned.

Michael Joseph is a New York criminal defense attorney with extensive experience with weapons charges and regularly appears in the Courts of New York City (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn), Westchester, (White Plains, Yonkers, Harrison, Port Chester, Ossining, Ardsley, Bronxville, Scarsdale, Elmsford and Tarrytown).

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