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October 27, 2010

New York Criminal Mischief

By Michael H. Joseph

Our New York criminal defense lawyers have handled hundreds of cases involving criminal mischief. The crime of Criminal Mischief in New York is generally defined as damaging the property of another.

Whether a criminal mischief is a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the value of the property which was damaged. Often prosecutors in Westchester and New York City blatantly overcharge cases as felonies, which should be charged as misdemeanors. Our Westchester criminal defense attorneys have demanded felony hearings and won reductions on many of these charges by challenging the value of the item damaged. Obviously the value of a used piece of property is well below the purchase price. Likewise, the New York and Westchester prosecutors will put down the repair costs as the value, which are often inflated.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will closely analyze the value and even retain experts to determine the true value of the property damaged. New York criminal defense lawyers must closely analyze the value of the property in criminal mischief cases.

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