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February 15, 2011

Alternative Sentences For New York Drug Cases

By Michael H. Joseph

As a New York and Westchester criminal defense lawyer, I have handled a number of felony drug cases. In New York, the penalties for high level drug charges are severe. Fortunately, the New York legislature finally came up with a new program called Judicial Diversion for addicts who need treatment not jail.

Addicts who are charged with felony weight drug charges such as heroin, cocaine, methanphetamines, crack, PCP, or other highly addictive drugs can apply for diversion. Under this program, the defendant undergoes treatment for between a year and eighteen months and undergoes regular Court appearances and drug testing.

If they can complete the program, the charges will either be dismissed or a plea to a misdemeanor with probation will be offered. It is a chance to avoid a felony drug conviction and avoid jail. Criminal defense lawyers in Westchester who handle drug cases should become familiar with this new program as a means to avoid jail and felony convictions for their clients.

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