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November 3, 2011

Major Win Against The City Of White Plains

By Michael H. Joseph

Our White Plains criminal defense lawyer Michael Joseph won a major victory on behalf of a police brutality victim. One of our clients was falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted by the White Plains police department. They charged our client with disorderly conduct under two different sections of the disorderly conduct law, as a pre-text to justify their unlawful assault of our client.

Our White Plains criminal defense attorneys convinced a City of White Plains Judge that no crime occurred, even if the lies which the police officers told were accepted as true. As a result all charges against our client were dismissed. It is worth noting that our client filed a cross complaint for assault against the police officers, which would have been a felony level assault based on the severity of the injuries. Unbelievably, despite clear evidence of wrongdoing and injuries that were unexplainable, except for as the result of an assault, the Westchester District Attorney’s office refused to prosecute the officers and instead continued to prosecute our client.

Our Westchester criminal defense lawyers are committed to making sure that police brutality victims are exonerated in the Criminal Courts and obtain justice through civil lawsuits against the police officers responsible for misconduct. We have even represented police officers against other police officers who target them and falsely accuse them of criminal activity to satisfy petty gripes.

Now our New York civil rights lawyers will file a civil lawsuits against the White Plains officers involved and hopefully, the White Plains police department will start to take police misconduct seriously, but I am not optimistic.

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