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November 22, 2011

Police Misconduct And Occupy Wallstreet

By Michael H. Joseph

With so many people exercising their first amendment rights to protest, clashes between protesters and police have become common place.. While there are some legitimate uses of force and arrests for disorderly conduct, there have also been numerous baseless arrests, indiscriminate uses of force and plainly criminal assaults on protestors by the New York City Police Department.

Our New York City civil rights lawyers are committing to seeking compensation for OWS victims of police misconduct, including false arrest, malicious prosecution and police brutality. It is important that the police who engage in misconduct be held accountable for their actions and it is the only way that our first amendment rights to protest will be preserved. Now technology has ensured that a majority of the police misconduct will be captured on camera, with so many Occupy Wall Street protesters having phones with video cameras that record the vivid images of police brutality.

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