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June 6, 2012

NOT GUILTY- Attorney Michael Joseph Wins High Profile Criminal Trial

By Michael H. Joseph

Today in a Bench Trial in the White Plains City Court, Westchester criminal defense lawyer Michael Joseph won an impressive not guilty verdict in the White Plains City Court. Our client was charged with disorderly conduct, but this was much more than a run of the mill disorderly conduct case because it involved police brutality and misconduct because one of the officers involved maliciously and brutally assaulted our client and falsely arrested him to justify the baseless use of force.

Our White Plains criminal defense lawyers had previously gotten the case dismissed because the allegations of what our client did failed to establish the commission of disorderly conduct. The District Attorney’s office which ignored our client’s complaint of excessive force by performing a white wash, perfunctory and rubber stamp investigation into the assault by the officer reinstituted the charges with completely fabricated and contrived allegations which were completely unproven during the trial.

The City of White Plains and the District Attorney’s office was desperate to obtain a conviction to thwart our Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit for False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution and Excessive Force. This desperation was not only to try to thwart our lawsuit, but our excessive force complaint raised serious questions about the fitness of officer Stephen Hart, who less than a year later was recorded calling Kenneth Chamberlin a nigger, shortly before he was unjustifiably shot by the police.

Our White Plains criminal defense lawyers won a not guilty verdict before a White Plains Judge, in the White Plains Court, in a matter where the City of White Plains is facing a lawsuit which raise very serious questions about the integrity of their officers and their continued failure to turn a blind eye to police abuse.

Now based upon the officers testimony during this trial, and undisputable physical evidence, we can establish that these police officers committed perjury.

Today, through a long and difficult fight, justice was finally served and we look forward to holding these officers accountable for their actions in Federal Court.

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