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March 20, 2013

New York City Law Corporation Forms New Unit To Defend Police Misconduct Cases In State Court

By Michael H. Joseph

In a recent announcement the New York City Law Department announced that they are forming a new specialized unit to defend police misconduct cases including police brutality, excessive force, false arrest and malicious prosecution cases which are brought in the New York State Supreme Court. The New York City Law Department already has a specialized unit that defendants police misconduct in the Federal Court. The stated aim of this new unit is to fight and try cases as opposed to settling these claims. While the stated purpose is to weed out marginal claims, the reality is that this is likely an adoption of the delay and wait out the Plaintiff mentality that most insurance companies are adopting. The reality is that our New York City police misconduct lawyers are highly selective as are most attorneys in the New York metropolitan area and for the most part only meritorious claims are undertaken because of the commitment in both time and cost that these cases require.

Our >New York City and Westchester police misconduct lawyers are not intimidated by this announcement and will continue to represent police misconduct victims in both the Federal and State Courts in New York. Our New York trial lawyers are confident that this new decision will result in high verdicts and overall higher payout since even the most seriously victimized Plaintiffs will often agree to a reduction in what they can ultimately achieve at a trial in order to avoid the stress related to recanting their stories and reliving the ordeal.

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