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September 18, 2013

The End Of Mandatory Minimum Sentences In Federal Drug Charges

By Michael H. Joseph

Attorney General Eric Holder announced a major shift in policy in federal narcotics cases. The heavy mandatory minimum sentences in Federal drug cases can be heavy and even out of proportion to the crime itself. This new policy in Federal Drug cases effects the majority of drug cases that pass through the Federal Courts. It means that the US Attorneys will no longer insist on mandatory minimum sentences for the majority of Federal drug charges.

This major shift in charging policy can restore just sentencing to the often over zealous prosecution of minor drug addicts, who often sell or transport to support their own habits. The new policy is to reserve the most severe prison terms for serious, high-level, or violent drug traffickers or kingpins.

This new policy will affect many Federal Narcotics Defendants who pass through the Eastern District Courts of New York in Brooklyn and Long Island (Central Islip) and the Southern District Courts in Manhattan and White Plains.

This new approach provides new flexibility in plea negotiations and sentencing for New York and Westchester Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our White Plains lawyers applaud this new change in Federal Policy.

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