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Where Is The Court Located In Mount Pleasant?

The Mount Pleasant Town Court is located at 1 Town Hall Plaza in Valhalla, New York. Now, this court encompasses a number of different areas, including Valhalla. Mount Pleasant Town Court is usually in session on Thursdays and hears all criminal cases on Thursdays.

What Can Someone Expect If They Go To Court In Mount Pleasant?

Mount Pleasant typically is a very busy court because they only hold court once a week, so it is busy. You do want to get there early and check in as soon as possible to have your case called because it’s a very busy court; and since it’s only one time per week, there is going to be a tremendous volume.

What Can Someone Expect If They Are Arrested In Mount Pleasant?

If your friend or a family member was arrested in any of the towns that are encompassed by Mount Pleasant ,including Valhalla, Hawthorne, Thornwood, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow and a portion of Briarcliff Manor, on a misdemeanor, they are probably going to be given a desk appearance ticket or post stationhouse bail, which means they can deposit some money with the police department right there and be released with a date to return on the next Thursday when the court is in session.

If they have a more serious charge, such as a felony, and are arrested, for example, on a Wednesday, they are going to be brought to court the following day. If they get a notice that the police in Mount Pleasant are looking for them, typically, we’ll arrange to surrender early in the morning on Thursday, so they could be brought right to court on that day. However, if they are arrested on more of a felony case in any of the hamlets that make up the Mount Pleasant Court, including Hawthorne, Thornwood, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow and parts of Briarcliff Manor, then the court is going to schedule an arraignment just for them at which point they’ll enter a plea of not guilty and either be released on their own recognizance or have bail set.

What Are The Types Of Criminal Cases Handled In Mount Pleasant Courts?

One of the biggest types of cases that our attorneys, who practice in Mount Pleasant, have heard is trespassing because Mount Pleasant has a large reservoir area, which is actually considered private property and requires a license to be there. So typically, a lot of people go fishing without a license or walk around the water or swim without proper permissions and are arrested for trespass. Since it is close to a number of areas with a large population, we do see a number of driving with suspended licenses or driving without license charges.

There is also a nearby jail, so a lot of times, if someone is visiting someone at the jail, the police will run the visitors’ license plates; and if someone has a suspended license, as soon as they come out and reach their car, they’re basically arrested on the spot. Because the jail is also in Valhalla, any of the criminal cases that occur in the jail are also heard in this court. For example, if there is an assault or someone tries smuggling something improper, like drugs, into the jail, those types of cases are held in the Mount Pleasant Town Court.

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