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Frequently Asked Questions by Someone under a Federal Investigation

What Should Someone Do If They Believe They Are Under A Federal Crime Investigation?
Someone that believes they may be part of an investigation should consult a Westchester or New York City federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They should not speak to any federal agents or any federal authorities without consulting with an attorney and should not alter their routine or their schedules if they think they are.Do They Question Your Family Members Or Employer?
They may if you are under an investigation. That may very well be part of their investigation. They may be speaking to friends, coworkers, family members, but they will do it in a very discreet manner. They will not overtly go out to someone’s family or friends and say, “I am investigating Joe Smith down the block. I am with the FBI. Can you tell me something?” Obviously, nobody would volunteer information, but they may do it in very covert, secretive ways. If they also have a search warrant to tap someone’s phone or cell phone, that is another way that they can do an investigation.

If you are Under Investigation, What Are Some Things You Should Not Be Doing?
First of all, obviously, you should not be disobeying the law. You should definitely not speed, draw attention to yourself or engage in even violations of minor laws, such as driving drunk. You should not be disobeying the law in any way whatsoever. More importantly, if you are under investigation, you should not alter your regular schedule because that is going to be a red flag to these agencies. If you go to work at some time, you come home, you spend time with your family, you do certain things and you think you are under investigation, just keep your schedule the same. Lead your normal life, do not take a trip out of the country all of a sudden or do not alter your lifestyle, because you may appear to be even under more suspicion.

Should You Ever Agree to Meet with Federal Agents If They Contact You and Your Attorney Is not present or you do not have an Attorney?
Never meet with Federal agents without your federal criminal defense attorney present. We have to make certain that your constitutional rights as an individual are protected. Only an attorney with experience defending federal criminal charges can let you know if your rights are being violated or not. Most people do not know their rights. Sometimes they still end up speaking to federal agents, but everyone has a right to remain silent if they are being questioned in custody by federal police. It is especially important not to answer questions when dealing with federal authorities, because very often, they already know the answer, but either they cannot prove it without you admitting it or they are setting you up for a perjury charge. Most people think they can just come up with a story or deny something and they can talk their way out of an arrest, but they don’t realize that knowingly providing false information to a federal officer is a crime. So it is better to just remain silent and demand a lawyer. In this scenario, you certainly need a criminal defense lawyer with experience defending federal criminal charges. If you have been contacted by the federal government out of a New York office, you should consult with a New York City or Westchester federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

If Someone Is Already Under Investigation By Federal Government, Is It More Than Likely That They Are Going To Be Arrested And Charged With A Crime?
Most of the time, individuals are arrested, but sometimes they are not, such as in the case of Conspiracy and Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking. A lot of times, you have individuals that are informants that will enter into a cooperation agreement. They will usually not be arrested if they abide by the terms of their agreement.

Sometimes, there are massive investigations by the federal government. A lot of times, people will be investigated and it will turn out that as a result of their investigation, the FBI or other federal agencies were wrong about certain facts. They will realize that this person actually is not part of the conspiracy, he did not commit nor was not intending to commit any crime and those people will not be arrested. Majority of time, if you are under investigation, it is because they really have sufficient information and evidence that you have committed the crime and they will eventually arrest you.

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