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Heroin in Westchester

In the wake of the overdose of famed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, three Westchester youths also overdosed on heroin this week. In recent years, heroin, once an inner city drug has become rampant in the Westchester suburbs. Too many suburban teens are starting out experimenting with prescription drugs such as valium, Oxycontin (often called hillbilly heroin), and other painkillers. These teens find that once they can no longer raid their parent’s drug cabinets, they start buying these drugs on the street, often from other teens who steal prescription pads or go to doctors who are willing to write prescriptions. However, these prescription drugs are costly, then they move to heroin, which is a cheaper drug.

There are obvious signs to look for if you are suspicious that your child is using heroin. One of the most obvious is a pochy look, similar to acne on their face and skin. Another tell-tale sign of heroin use is a lethargic and flat demeanor. Obviously, needle marks are also an obvious sign, but with more and more teens smoking heroin, the likelihood of needle or track marks is less likely.

Heroin is highly addictive and once a teen or youth tries it, it is incredibly hard for them to stop. Addiction with heroin is a growing problem and Westchester teens are becoming addicted at an alarming rate. This leads to reckless behavior and all too often arrests. Our White Plains criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented many teens and young adults charged with possession and even sale of controlled substances including heroin. We have successfully gotten charges reduced and dismissed in consideration of getting kids to go to rehab. All to often, an arrest is necessary to induce the fear necessary in a young person to break their habit and open their eyes to the realities of what heroin can do. Also, a few days in jail can be a tough cure that will allow them to detox and see the world in a different perspective and recognize that they need help.

Heroin is especially dangerous because the strength fluctuates dramatically and often new users don’t realize that they are using a dose that is much stronger than they anticipate and more than their bodies can handle. The results are often fatal and even in cases where they are not fatal, overdoses can leave lingering and permanent side effects.

If your child, spouse or a loved one has been arrested for heroin, our Westchester criminal defense attorneys can explore a lot of options that might avoid the criminal penalties and a criminal record. We can also help you get your child into treatment and hopefully break their habit. For more serious cases, including felony drug weight cases and even drug sales, Westchester has an effective drug court program that often results in the complete dismissal of felony drug indictments.

Our law office offers free consultations and our White Plains central Westchester location allows our criminal defense lawyers can appear for arraignment and bail hearings on short notice and get your loved ones out of jail. Give us a call at (914) 574-8330 to speak with our White Plains Heroin possession lawyers. A Westchester County Heroin possession attorney will be experienced in handling such cases and he will come up with a strong defense strategy. He will also be familiar with the local laws in White Plains, NY and Westchester County. Call us today at (914) 574-8330 to speak with our White Plains Heroin possession lawyers. We offer Free Initial Consultation.

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