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How Are Federal Crimes Defined And Investigated

How Would Someone Understand The Differences Between A Federal Level And A State Level Crime Or Trial?
State crimes are crimes that are legislated and passed by the State of New York; those are on the state level. Federal crimes, however, are violations of federal criminal law, which has been passed by Congress. Congress is only allowed to pass laws regarding crimes that affect the federal or national interest. In case of drug crimes or trafficking, Congress believes that those crimes affect the federal and national interest, so they are allowed to pass legislation on those crimes.In case of terrorism and terrorist crimes, which are now very prevalent, only Congress can pass and enact federal crimes relating to terrorism. Sometimes, they are overlapping, for example, when speaking about assault. There are state assault charges and there are also federal assault charges, but the main difference is where they come from. State crimes come from the state legislature, federal crimes come from Congress and of course they are two separate bodies of law.

Who Investigates and Prosecutes Federal Crimes?
Federal crimes can be investigated by a number of different agencies, but they obviously have to be federal agencies. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, “FBI” can investigate a federal crime. The DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency, or Department of Homeland Security or Immigration Customs Enforcement “ICE” can investigate a federal crime as well as the Secret Service. Even the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, ATF can be investigate federal crimes. Which agency investigates the federal crime varies depending on the nature of the allegations.

How Does Someone Come To Know If They Are Under A Federal Investigation?
Usually, people do not know that they are being investigated by the Federal government. For example, if the FBI or any secret service agency is investigating you, they would not want you to know that you are under an investigation. Therefore, you will not know unless you may have an idea when you arrive at work and or home and you might see a suspicious car. That may be evidence that those are agents.

However, there is an exception to that. In drug crimes, sometimes you have the federal investigators that will let individuals know that they are being investigated and attempt to have them work as cooperators or confidential informants. Most of the time, you do not know, but on occasion, they might let you in on the investigation. It depends on the nature of the crime. Mostly, drug possession and drug trafficking are all instances where federal agents will usually let their low level guys know that they are being investigated in the hopes that they will cooperate with them.

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