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How Extensive Is The DWI Problem In New York?

In New York City, the DWI problem of people driving while drinking is pretty significant. A lot of people we see drive from Manhattan to Westchester and start their drinking on the Manhattan side for maybe a happy hour or top off with a nightcap in the White Plains bars before they travel home. The problem is so severe that there have been a rising number of serious injuries resulting in fatalities in Westchester County, especially in the towns which have highways and parkways running through them such as Rye, Port Chester, Harrison, Mamaroneck, White Plains, and the river towns such as Dobbs Ferry and Tarrytown. It has become so serious that a lot of the criminal standards have even increased. For example, if you obtain a second DWI within ten years that is now a felony with increased penalties. As well as driving while intoxicated offenses now have stiffer penalties.

For example, if you have a child in the car or someone under sixteen and you have been driving while intoxicated, that is now a felony. Particularly in Westchester, we see a lot of people driving home from bars in Westchester and a lot of high speed accidents, because of our thruways and parkways. For example, if you went from Bronx to Manhattan then to Westchester, you will either be on the Hutchinson or pass through the towns of Rye and Harrison and Worchester and now witness more checkpoints by law enforcement agencies.

The problem is some of the parkways, especially in Westchester, like the Bronx River Parkway and Sawmill parkway have a lot of twists and turns which are difficult to negotiate even sober. So when you add alcohol and delayed reactions while driving at a high rate of speed, more accidents will occur. DUI lawyers have certainly seen their fair share of accidents involving alcohol in recent years.

We have represented a number of people who have been seriously injured in accidents involving alcohol.

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