A labor certification is often the fastest way to obtain a green card and it is legal.

One of the quickest paths to getting a green card is through a work petition. If you have an American employer who is interested in hiring you, you may qualify for a work visa. Our office has extensive experience in preparing and getting work visas approved.

Work visas are often available immediately and can be obtained in a matter of months. We offer flexible payment plans and flat rates.

The application process involves two steps. First the employer must show that they cannot find Amercian qualified workers who want to do the job. With the tight labor market in the United States, especially in New York, this is easy to prove. In New York, there are severe labor shortages in the construction, landscaping and restaurant industries and we easily get these labor certification petitions approved.

Once a labor certification has been approved, an application for an immigrant visa has to be filed. These are usually available immediately because they have higher quotas than family visas.

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