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What Are The Risks Of Not Hiring An Experienced Attorney?

Injured workers who do not have attorneys typically get less money, and more importantly most people are not aware of the type of benefits they would be entitled to.

Insurance companies do not always disclose what benefits an injured worker would be entitled to. The insurance companies also have attorneys who would be handling the cases and trying to mitigate the insurance company’s damages so they could save the insurance company some money.

It would be risky to not have a White Plains workplace injury attorney for those reasons, and also because the worker’s compensation law in the state of New York is very complicated. It is intricate and not easy to understand and counterintuitive in some places. This would not be something anyone should want to go through without having somebody who was an expert in that area.

Hire Someone Who Specifically Handles Workers Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a very technical and sometimes complicated area of the law. The statute can be very difficult to go through and there are a lot of arcane provisions that only worker’s compensation attorneys are familiar with.

What sets our firm apart is that besides having almost over fifty years of experience in this area, the qualifications of our attorneys are outstanding. All of the attorneys in our firm have gone to top schools. We are all experts in the field and most of us teach other workers compensation classes to other attorneys.

We lecture unions and worker’s compensation claimants on a regular basis, and we are involved in lobbying efforts and the pursuit of making sure that worker’s compensation remains viable in the state of New York.

We have an extensive knowledge of the law, and all of our White Plains workplace injury attorneys are experts in the field of worker’s compensation. We take the field of workers compensation very seriously.

As far as our relationship with clients, anyone who calls our office would have the opportunity to speak to one of our experienced attorneys, ranging from the senior partner to the newest associate. We are always available to take time to explain the process to our clients. We go about handling worker’s compensation in a very businesslike and professional manner which is what sets us apart from other firms.

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