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Shoplifting and Petit Larceny

With the economy continuing to muddle through tough times, our White Plains, New York City and Westchester County criminal defense lawyers are seeing more and more cases of shoplifting. Our criminal defense lawyers are seeing more people who are not criminals and who ordinarily have no contact with the criminal justice system facing petit or grand larceny charges. Often the charges involve something that people don’t ordinarily perceive as larceny, such as switching tags on a more expensive item for a lower price item or intentionally failing to swipe merchandise at a self check out. Likewise our criminal defense lawyers have handled numerous cases where employees in retail stores were charged with various types of larceny including not ringing up items, doing fake return and other acts. While most people see this as just trying to save a few bucks, the law regards it as a crime. If you have been arrested for petit larceny or grand larceny don’t worry. While jail is a technical possibility for these crimes, it is rarely imposed for first time offenders who are facing larceny charges. Our New York and White Plains criminal defense lawyers often get these charges reduced to non-criminal offenses and avoid jail, probation and any criminal record.

The official criminal law violation for shoplifting is petit larceny, so long as the value of the merchandise taken is less than $1,000. If the value of the merchandise taken is more than $1,000, then the crime is grand larceny. Likewise when a person is in possession of a stolen credit card, that also makes the charge grand larceny. The biggest difference between Grand Larceny and Petit Larceny under New York Law is that petit larceny is a misdemeanor and grand larceny is a felony. Our New York City and Westchester criminal defense lawyers have gotten numerous felony grand larceny cases reduced to misdemeanors.

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