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Type of Accidents and Injuries That Occur At Construction Sites

Have There Been Cases Where Someone’s Been Run Over By A Large Truck By Accident?

Our Westchester construction accident attorneys have certainly handled cases where construction workers and even pedestrians have been hit by construction vehicles on a construction site or while passing by construction sites. Being run over by vehicles is generally negligence because on a construction site, everyone has a responsibility to watch what they are doing. However, there are specific regulations and our White Plains construction accident attorneys have certainly handled cases where laborers have been struck by excavation equipment. For example, while the boom or arm of the bucket of excavation machinery is being moved side to side or whilst coming out of an excavation, that is when many accidents can happen. Then there are cases where workers have been struck by loads that are being carried by the claw which are chained up to the claw under the woods like a bunch of pallets or a material, such as blocks, steel or wood. They could be chained up like a bunch of stone being chained to the claw of a bucket that is being driven and either a wind or sudden movement occurs and then the person is struck.

Typically, you are not supposed to have them once you have the load lines or lines that are being held in various directions to secure it by workers so that it cannot shift or move. There have been a number of those cases. One of the bigger cases handled by our White Plains construction accident lawyers was a case where an individual on an Ossining development site was struck by the claw of an excavator. After a trial in the Westchester Supreme Court, our construction accident attorneys proved the site owner and general contractor were one-hundred percent responsible for the accident, because the safety was not properly engaged before the operator began to leave the cabin of the machinery. He hit one of the levers with his leg which caused the machine to swing and the attorneys were able to establish that you are not supposed to leave the excavation machine running or while the power or hydraulics are actually engaged. Since they moved, the White Plains construction attorneys were able to prove that safety was not adequately engaged. That is because if the safety is actually adequately engaged, that stops all the hydraulics from the machine from moving at all and it does not matter what you do with the levers.

Are Fires And Explosions Less Common On Construction Sites? Are Injuries From These Accidents More Fatal And Serious?

Injuries from burns and explosions are less common but they do happen. Our White Plains construction accident lawyers know that the most important factor is determining cause and origin. Typically in these types of cases, the attorneys would work with cause and origin experts, such as retired fire marshals or fire engineers, to determine the cause and origin of the fire itself. In other words, what happened, how did something explode and why did it explode? A lot of times you will see fumes that are not properly contained. There are a lot of regulations on these types of things that are meant to prevent fires. For example, flammable gases are supposed to be contained. Before sorting any type of demolition, all gas, electric steam and other supply lines have to be shut off, capped and sealed which is going to make sure no one destroys or hits anything that has gas or electricity in it.

There are other regulations also. For example, even during the painting process, everyone knows that paint fumes can be hazardous; there are regulations that require confined areas to have natural ventilation. In other words, entrances that open into rooms need to be clear so that the air circulates and it does not become dangerous.

When It Comes To Repetitive Injury, Motion Injuries, Heat Stroke Or Overexertion, Can You Ever Recover Damages In Such Situations If There Are Serious Deaths Or Injuries?

In the case of repetitive motion or repetitive activities, that is more of a workers comp, as it happens without any type of fault. However, there are requirements for personal protection concerning the general environment. For example, there are things such as requirements for people to have respirators when they are surrounded by dust or work that has dust. When people are working with welding equipment, they have to have certain shields and masks when they are working around that type of heat to prevent the flame itself or the things that are being cut and welded from jumping back or recoiling and hitting and injuring them. There are requirements for protection during welding operations, including a screen to be placed around it the area so laborers passing by do not get burnt.

Another common hazard that our Westchester construction accident lawyers have litigated is injuries caused by inadequate lighting and a worker steps on an uneven surface or an unguarded hole. The New York Industrial Code has requirements that laborers to be able to see temporary walkways and surfaces. There is a minimum requirement of what they call foot candles or five foot candles.

There are regulations which protect construction workers from having objects such as debris from being dropped on them. For example, anyone who is doing demolition has to have shoots. They cannot just throw things off of a roof or off of a higher level. It has to be adequately placed into a shoot and disposed of that way. Then there are regulations on storing materials. For instance, you cannot just lean five hundred pounds of marble or stone against something vertically, it has to be adequately stabilized so that it does not fall or shift like when a wind comes or during vibrations and does not fall onto somebody.

There are a lot of regulations that prevent people against a lot of the inherent dangers in construction such that the general contractor or owner is going to be responsible or legally liable for a violation of these particular regulations if they are violated.

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