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Westchester Accidents At Sea

Michael Joseph is an experienced Westchester maritime accident attorney who has won millions in settlements and judgments. Mr. Joseph has handled countless arbitrations, trials and at the appellate level. We built our success on personal attention to our clients and dedication to winning. We are on your side.

Jones Act

If you were a member of a crew aboard a vessel, you are not entitled to workers compensation benefits. Instead you are entitled to have your employer (or the vessel owner) pay you maintenance (living expenses while injured), cure (medical benefits) and wages until the end of the voyage.

Also if you were hurt because of the carelessness/negligence of the crew or a dangerous condition (unseaworthiness), you may be entitled to money damages for you pain, suffering, lost wages, lost benefits (vacation/ fringe benefits) and reduced earning capacity. Our Westchester maritime accident attorneys are familiar with the union contracts, maritime benefits and this understanding allows us to serve you better.

We are also experienced in handling commercial fishing accidents, tug, tow and barge injuries and deep sea commercial shipping accidents. We know the industries and are able to understand and analyze who is at fault for your injury. Call us for a free consultation.

Death on the High Seas Act

If a loved one was killed in an accident at sea, their dependents can recover the financial benefits that the deceased provided. We understand how traumatic the loss can be and will handle your case in a dignified matter which your decedent deserves. Our attorneys are experienced in all types of maritime injuries.


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