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Westchester Bus Accidents

From our White Plains office, our experienced Westchester bus accident lawyers have handled numerous personal injury and even wrongful death cases arising out of bus accidents. Bus accident personal injury lawyer has even been interviewed by the Daily News as a bus accident expert. Among the leading causes of bus accidents are inattentive bus drivers and unfortunately careless bus operator incidents have been on the rise. From drivers texting and using their cell phones to other types of inattention, bus accidents are too common. Our White Plains bus accident attorneys have handled all types of bus accidents from bus collisions with other vehicles, bus collisions with overpasses and bridges, pedestrians being hit by buses and even the driver closing doors on passengers.

The most common bus operator in Westchester and the highly populated areas of White Plains, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, New Rochelle, Greenburgh and Yonkers is Liberty Lines. Liberty Lines is also known as the Bee Line bus. Liberty Lines is based in Yonkers, but also has a major bus depot in White Plains near the White Plains train station. Liberty Lines currently operates 58 local bus routes throughout Westchester and express service routes between Westchester and Manhattan. Liberty Lines carry over 35 million passengers over 10 million miles. With this level of activity, some accidents are inevitable since it is inevitable that some of the drivers will be inattentive and human error is a virtual certainty.

While Liberty Lines operates the buses, they do so under a contract with the County of Westchester, which means that even though Liberty Lines is private, a notice of claim must be filed with the County of Westchester within ninety days of any accident, to be able to bring any lawsuit for personal injury or death as a result of a Liberty Lines bus accident.

Also if you were injured on a bus in Westchester, often the first question that comes to mind is who will pay my medical bills. The answer is if you own a vehicle, your own car accident insurance company has to pay your medical bills and lost wages, but you will have to file an application for no fault benefits. If you do not own a vehicle or live with someone who does, then the bus’s insurance company must pay your medical bills and reimburse you for your lost wages, but you must file an application for no fault benefits. Usually, these claims for Westchester buses are administered by County Risk Services, so our Westchester bus accident attorneys usually file the no fault application with the County Attorney’s office and County Risk Services.

If you have been injured in a bus accident in Westchester on a Liberty Lines better or in an accident involving a bus in Westchester, our White Plains personal injury lawyers can help. Our personal injury attorneys can set up no fault benefits for you, so that your medical bills and lost wages will be paid. Additionally, our bus accidents can get you compensation for you serious personal injuries.

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