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Westchester County Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident any where in Westchester County, our White Plains truck accident lawyers have extensive experience in handling these types of cases. With a combined four decades of personal injury experience, we are ready to handle your case no matter how serious the injuries are. We also have the knowledge of local roadways and the ability to serve Westchester clients while we rival the New York City truck accident law firms. No matter what type of accident you were injured in, our Westchester County commercial trucking accident lawyers can get you the result you deserve.

Our truck accident attorneys have handled all types of truck accidents including trucks hitting cars, trucks striking overpasses, trucks striking pedestrians, jackknives, falling object from flatbed truck cases, truck loading cases and even trucks hitting each other. We are familiar with all of the regulations concerning what roads trucks should be in, the Federal Motor Carrier regulations concerning hours of service, the forms that need to kept and filled out by the commercial carriers and even who can operate a truck. Almost every truck accident involves a regulation that was violated and we look for those regulations and use them to prove who was at fault for the accident. Our Westchester County truck accident lawyers often work with truck driving experts and accident reconstruction experts to prove our case.

Trucks Hitting Pedestrians

One of the most common types of truck accident is the trailer hitting a pedestrian who is crossing the street in a cross walk. Too often the truck drivers don’t keep a proper lookout for pedestrians. One of the most common scenarios is when a truck is making a turn, usually a left hand turn and the pedestrian is hit in the back while crossing the street. In these cases, the drivers often don’t even see the person who is crossing the street. Our White Plains truck accident lawyers have won many of these cases by demonstrating that when a vehicle turns onto another street, the law gives the pedestrian the right of way. This means that the truck driver has the obligation to avoid hitting the pedestrian, and it is not the pedestrian’s responsibility to avoid the truck.

Trucks on Westchester Parkways

From our White Plains office, we are located in central Westchester and are familiar with the local highways and expressways. One of the biggest problems in Westchester is commercial trucks and semis traveling on parkways where they should not be in the first place. New York’s rules and regulations expressly prohibit commercial trucks including semi trucks, tractor trailers, 18 wheelers and box trucks on the parkways. All too often trucks that should not be on Westchester’s parkways end up on either the Taconic Parkway, the Bronx River Parkway, Hutchinson Parkway, the cross county parkway, the Saw Mill River Parkway and the Sprain Parkway. This happens often in the areas near White Plains, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Rye, Harrison, Yonkers, Mount Vernon and Valhalla. This occurs especially where I-95 and I-87 intersect with the parkways. The problem is that these parkways are not made for large commercial vehicles because the lanes are too small, the lanes curve quicker than large trucks can maneuver and they have low overpasses and bridges which the trucks hit too often.

Sway Accidents and Accidents with Other Vehicles

Truck driver error and fatigue continue to be leading causes of trucks hitting cars and even other trucks. With tractor trailers, whenever the truck either turns, changes lanes or enters a curve, the trailer sways past where the cab is. This requires the truck operator to be careful and diligent. Unfortunately with the pressure to make deadlines, drivers cut corners and get careless, which causes accidents. Another cause of truck accidents is driver inattention which often results from fatigue. Federal Motor Carrier regulates the amount of hours that truck drivers can work each day and on a weekly basis, as well as rest periods. On every case, our Westchester County truck accident attorneys analyze various factors including hours of service to expose the factors which contribute to cause each truck accident.

Driver Qualification

Another problem is drivers who are not physically qualified to operate trucks are behind the wheel. Federal regulations have a long list of medical conditions that may effect a person’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle. Some examples of medical conditions that exclude a person from becoming eligible from operating a commercial truck include epilepsy, eye disorders, balance disorders, seizure disorders, hand disorders that effect gripping, diabetes which requires insulin, high blood pressure and respiratory disorders. Whenever there is a truck accident involving a commercial carrier, the driver must undergo a blood test. The results often disclose what medications the person is on and consequently their medical conditions. Our truck attorneys have even sought punitive damages where drivers have lied and misrepresented their medical conditions to get a certification that they should never have had.

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