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What Credentials Should Someone Look For When Interviewing Attorneys?

The client should definitely see if the attorney has experience in the particular crime the person was being charged with and they should always ask whether the attorney had handled any cases of that nature before. If it was a potential case that might go to trial and if the person was going to fight the case, then they should ask the attorney how many trials they had handled with these particular charges.

The attorney’s experience would be important and key. Even sometimes when it was not directly related to the same charge or any type of experience in litigations, it would always be a good question to ask the attorney, especially if the person was planning on fighting the case.

Is It Advisable To Represent Oneself Vs. Getting A Public Defender or Hiring A Private Attorney?
Legal Aid and public defenders generally have a high caseload, just like the government. Every time the government gets a case and arraigns a case, it would be added to their caseloads. The public defender, Legal Aid, would have to defend each case that was arraigned if the person could not afford an attorney. I am a firm believer that a criminal defense attorney would work really hard no matter if they were a public defender or a private attorney.

Part of the benefits in retaining a private attorney would be that the person would have that attorney working on their case and the odds are they would be able to devote a substantial amount of time to that case alone as opposed to Legal Aid or a public defender. There are a lot of advantages in hiring a private attorney because the person would be paying for them directly, and they would be getting their money’s worth because they would be more accessible than the Legal Aid or public defenders and have better access to investigators and experts to fight the case.

It would be advantageous for most people to just retain private counsel and a lot of clients want to speak to their attorney whenever they can and have their attorney give them more time and devote more time to their case which would be a huge thing to the client because their life would be on line and their lives would be dependent on the legal representation. This would be the biggest difference between a private attorney and a public defender, and it would be a huge deal to a lot of people because they would feel more secure in retaining counsel if they could afford counsel.

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