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What Should I Do If I Receive A Notice To Appear From Department Of Homeland Security?

If you receive a notice to appear from Homeland Security, you should retain an experienced attorney who knows about criminal law, immigration law, about “Crimmigration,” and that really knows the immigration court, the immigration system, and the immigration players. We have experienced attorneys at our firm, the Law Office of Michael Joseph. I myself have been practicing immigration law for more than 15 years. Our deportation defense attorneys are very well-versed in the law. That person needs to hire a deportation attorney, and need not speak to any prosecutors or police that may want to speak to them, because any statements they make could be used against them. Under immigration law, you can be deported, and they could use statements against you that are not in the criminal complaint and are not in your conviction.

You have to be very careful not to speak to anyone. The three things I would say are hire an experienced Westchester deportation attorney attorney if you get a notice to appear, don’t discuss your case with law enforcement officials or anyone else, and appear at your court date. Some people don’t actually appear, which I don’t understand why. You should appear even if you don’t have an attorney, because the court can give you a list of legal aid attorneys and agencies that might be able to help you. Overall, you do have to appear. The notice to appear will give you a date to appear, and you should go to that court hearing no matter what.

How Can Your Firm Assist Me With My Crimmigration Case?

Our White Plains criminal defense attorneys with experience in deportation cases can assist you by providing you with a consultation. We provide free consultations. We have offices in Manhattan, White Plains, (Westchester) and Queens. Our deportation and criminal defense attorneys can also help you by offering you attorneys that are extremely experienced in this area of the law, that know both criminal law and immigration law, like myself. We will advocate for you zealously, we will fight for your rights, especially your right to remain in the country. I will search for every possible waiver. A waiver is kind of a pardon for your offense under the immigration law. You may have to fill out an application and provide documentation, and there are many, many waivers in immigration law for different crimes. It’s not as bad as people think. If you qualify for that waiver, I would be able to fill out the forms to submit them, and to advocate on your behalf until the case is disposed of.

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