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Where Is The Court Located In New Rochelle?

The New Rochelle Criminal Court is located at 475 North Avenue in New Rochelle, New York.

What Can Someone Expect When They Go To Court In New Rochelle?
New Rochelle is a big city in Westchester County, so you can expect that the court is always going to be busy. Typically, the New Rochelle Court operates five days a week, but you should definitely always get there early. There are several parts operated by three different courtrooms in New Rochelle; so when you get to the court in New Rochelle and pass the metal detectors, you want to look at the different lists and see where your name is, which tells you what courtroom you’ll be in.

There have been scenarios where someone got a warrant because they were sitting in the wrong courtroom. So you always want to double-check the list on the outside of the courtroom to make sure you’re in the right place.

What Can Someone Expect After Being Arrested In New Rochelle?
Since the New Rochelle Court operates five days a week, more often than not, the person is going to be brought in front of a judge and have bail set. Usually, the person is brought in front of the judge and is arraigned. Typically, on misdemeanor charges, they’re not going to be bailed, but on most felony charges, there will be some bail if it’s a low-level felony charge.

If you are arrested during court hours, you are going to be brought to the court. If you are arrested after hours, for a misdemeanor charge, they may give you a desk appearance ticket; or if you are arrested after hours on a felony charge or a more serious misdemeanor, then you are going to basically stay the night until you see a judge the next morning.

What Types Of Criminal Cases Are Typically Seen In New Rochelle?
New Rochelle is a very diverse city with both wealthy and poor areas, so some of the areas in New Rochelle are considered very high crime areas. Our criminal defense attorneys, who’ve regularly practiced in the New Rochelle Court, have seen a lot of drug cases, robbery cases and gang-type cases, where there have been assaults and assaults with weapons. Our criminal defense lawyers also have seen, because of the amount of highways in New Rochelle, a lot of traffic-related cases where, for example, there is an initial traffic stop, but then the officers find a gun or drugs, which is very frequent in New Rochelle.

We have handled a lot of gun cases, a lot of drug cases and even a lot of DWI cases. There is a big bar in New Rochelle. Certainly, because of the commercial factors in New Rochelle, such as New Rock and the areas surrounding the Trump buildings, we have seen a lot of shoplifting or petty larceny cases, and our criminal defense attorneys have also handled a number of cases involving employee theft.

One of the more common cases our criminal defense attorneys have seen lately in New Rochelle is switching tags, where someone will switch tags with more expensive items, but it’s still considered petty larceny, even though you do take something, because you are not paying the full value. But our criminal defense attorneys, who practice in New Rochelle City Court, have been able to usually obtain fair outcomes on these cases.

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