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Where Is The Criminal Court Located In Harrison?

The Harrison Town Court is located at 1 Heinemann Place in Harrison, New York.

What Can Someone Expect When They Go To Court In Harrison?
In the Town of Harrison, criminal cases are heard on every Tuesday. Sometimes they’re also heard on Thursday, but usually, it’s once a week, and it’s only on Tuesdays. The Harrison criminal court is an Early Start Court, which means because the cases are held only once a week, the court itself is very busy. Unlike alot of the other Courts in Westchester, it is not uncommon for the Judge to take the bench at 9:00 a.m., whereas most other Courts begin at 9:30. So you always want to arrive there early because the court tends to start early. Our criminal defense attorneys, who practice in Harrison, are usually the first or second people on the list. We try to get our clients on the list as soon as possible: we get there between 8:00 and 8:45, just to get a place in line. When you go to the Harrison criminal court, and this is generally true of most courts, the cases are called in the order that the attorney signs in. You always want to be there early and be checked in so that your criminal defense attorney knows you’re at the court, and we can get you in line, so to speak. Otherwise, you can very easily be there all day.

What Can Someone Expect If They Are Arrested In Harrison?
More often than not, the Harrison police will give you an appearance ticket to come back on another day. Even though the court’s held once a week, by law you are supposed to be arraigned within 24 hours, so the court will make arrangements for it to be held for special session for an arraignment if it’s a case where the person is held in custody without a desk appearance ticket although those are usually reserved for more serious cases, such as felonies. Unless someone has a history, for the most part they are going to get a desk appearance ticket if they are arrested in Harrison.

What Types Of Criminal Cases Does The Harrison Court Handle
The Harrison Court handles a wide variety of criminal cases. A lot of them are traffic-related, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving with a suspended license (Vehicle and Traffic Law 511); but because of the heavy traffic enforcement on a lot of the highways and parkways that run through Harrison, there are also a lot of drug cases, narcotics cases and possession of controlled substances cases. There are also shopping centers in Harrison, so there are some petty larceny-type of cases that are heard in the courtroom.

Sometimes there are also weapons-related charges that are heard in the Harrison Court, but typically, most of the cases do tend to be misdemeanors. There are some but not a lot of felonies that are heard in the Harrison Town Court. Generally, a felony may start in the Harrison Town Court, but it’ll never be resolved and will be transferred to the White Plains County Court if it remains a felony and hasn’t been reduced.

Some felonies have started particularly with drugs, and depending on the amount of weight that the person is pulled over with or how much drugs they have in their vehicle when they’re pulled over, these matters will typically be transferred to the White Plains County Court.

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