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Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney When Facing A Federal Charge?

What Steps Should Someone Take If They Are Facing A Federal Charge?
The first step is too definitely get an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the federal system has public defenders that are able to represent you. You should definitely have an attorney whether you hire a private retained attorney or whether you have a public defender. You should definitely have adequate representation in federal court and not defend yourself. Unfortunately, there still are people and defendants that do not have a trust in the legal profession and proceed to defend themselves. Sometimes, we see these people on TV, but it is advised is to definitely retain a good federal defense attorney.

What If Someone Says They Are Innocent? Do They Still Need A Lawyer?
Yes, they still need a lawyer. The laws and the guidelines of the federal criminal system are very, very complex. They are more complex than state court and the state’s criminal statute system. Therefore, you really need someone that is able to understand this, who knows the system, knows the judges, knows the prosecutor. It is very important to have someone that knows what they are doing, who knows the players involved. If you have not done anything, then your attorney can probably present that to the right person and present it in a very intelligent manner and get you off the hook, so to speak.

When Someone Is Under A Federal Investigation, Why Is It Important To Hire A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Instead Of A General Practicing Attorney?
The great majority of state defense attorneys that practice in state criminal court do not practice in the federal criminal system. It is just a small percentage and that is because the federal system is very specialized. There are thousands and thousands of criminal statutes in the federal system and it is a specialized area of the law. Therefore, you really need to have an attorney that knows the federal laws and the sentencing guidelines.

The sentencing guidelines is just a maze, it is just a puzzle that is extremely difficult to understand. There are so many exceptions, there are so many rules and more importantly, you need an attorney that knows the prosecutors. When you have a prosecutor that has a good relationship with a defense attorney, it makes it much easier. You are allowed a certain amount of professional discretion as opposed to someone that does not know the judges. Once they know you, they will definitely respect you and will make the system and the process go easier as opposed to someone who may not know the system, who may not know the laws. It is going to take them a tremendous amount of time to learn and, God forbid, they make a mistake; your life is on the line. Therefore, you should not go with an attorney that does not know the federal system.

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