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Yonkers Criminal Defense Lawyers

The contact information for the Yonkers City Court is:

100 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
Phone: 914-831-6450
Criminal Clerk: 914-831-6930

If you are looking for an experienced criminal defense lawyer near Yonkers, the attorneys at the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC are able to handle any time of criminal case in the Yonkers Criminal Courts. Our attorneys regularly appear in Yonkers and have represented countless clients in the Yonkers criminal courts. Since our White Plains office is only a short drive from Yonkers, we can appear in Court on short notice.

All state misdemeanor, felony and traffic arrests and criminal charges which occur in Yonkers begin in the Yonkers Criminal Court on South Broadway. The Criminal Cases are heard on the Second Floor. The Criminal Court in Yonkers is an extremely busy and high volume Court. For example in 2011, there were over 8,000 arrests with a high percentage of violent crimes, including 7 homicides, 34 rapes, almost 1,000 assault cases and over 2,000 thefts.

Our Yonkers criminal defense attorneys have extensive experiences in handling the most common criminal cases in the Yonkers criminal courts. Some of the cases we have handled includes many drug and narcotics cases, numerous assault and even gang assault cases and a lot of petit larceny, robbery, grand larceny and theft cases. Additionally because of the high undocumented immigrant population, we have also handled a lot of false and forged document cases, especially fake driving licenses and social security cards.

Yonkers has many highways that pass through it including interstate 87, the Saw Mill River Parkway and the Bronx River Parkway. Also Central Avenue is a major roadway. From these major highways and roadways, there are a lot of traffic stops in Yonkers, which means that there are a lot of driving while intoxicated cases, driving while operating under the influence of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license. In fact, all of the refusal hearings in Driving While Intoxicated cases are held in the Yonkers Department of Motor Vehicles on Larkin Plaza. There are also of drug cases also known as possession of a controlled substance.

The benefit of the Yonkers Court being busy is that the prosecutors are motivated to move cases and are very reasonable. Our Westchester criminal defense lawyers have been able to negotiate very favorable resolutions in the Yonkers Court and have gotten dismissals, charge reductions and helped our clients avoid jail, and even probation.

We have particular experience in handling cases where the Yonkers Judges refuse to set bail because of a prior felony conviction. Anytime the Yonkers Judges refuse to set bail, a bail application needs to be brought in the Westchester County Court, which is walking distance from our White Plains office. This allows your lawyers to get our clients before a Judge in the County Court quickly and since we share office space with a bail bondsman, we can facilitate getting our clients out of jail and minimize the time our clients spend remanded while the charges are pending.

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