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At the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to representing the Westchester community with their litigation needs. We regularly handle personal injury and accident cases, criminal defense as well as commercial and business litigation. Often people need a lawyer at the lowest and most difficult times in their lives. Whether you are injured and unable to work or whether you are facing criminal charges our Westchester County criminal lawyers and personal injury attorneys have the experience to bring a favorable end to your unfortunate situation.

With our office located in downtown White Plains, we are within walking distance of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the Westchester Supreme Court, the Westchester County Criminal Court and the White Plains City Court. With our decades of experience of practicing law in Westchester County, we have represented people from every walk of life from the day laborer to the hedge fund guys to architects, doctors, small business owners, and even police officers. With our cutting edge technology, our office has also have represented numerous out of state residents with business interests in New York or who have been injured in Westchester or are charged with crimes in New York. Our email capabilities allow us to correspond regularly and render effective legal representation to out of state residents.


If you were involved in an accident, the insurance companies are already taking steps to protect their interests and to undermine the validity of your case and keep you from receiving the recovery that you deserve.

Our Westchester personal injury lawyers stand up to these insurance companies and are committed to making sure you get the compensation you deserve. Our commitment to accident victims has been proven time and time again in trial and even on appeal, where we have fought to make sure the little guy gets a fair shake from the legal system. We are no strangers to playing into a stacked deck and for decades we have taken on the big lawfirms, City attorneys and corporate defense firms. We know their tactics, we have successfully cross examined their experts and we know how to beat them.

On behalf of our personal injury clients, our White Plains accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for victims of car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents and construction accidents, civil rights cases, products liability and wrongful death. Our legal team is no stranger to high profile cases and our cases have been covered by the Daily News, the New York Post, the New York Law Journal, the Huffington Post, the New York Post, the Journal News, the Jury Verdict Reporter, Eyewitness News and Westchester Channel 12 News among others. Mr. Joseph has also been interviewed in the New York newspapers including the Daily News and the Huffington Post as an expert on accident cases and trial practice.

There are time limits for virtually every time of lawsuit and time matters. Whenever you have been injured. We work to quickly investigate our cases, get witness statements, and coordinate with experts and do scene inspections before conditions change.

There is never a fee unless we get you a financial recovery.

In the industrial or workplace accident context, our office has both attorneys that file lawsuits and workers compensation lawyers, which allows us to coordinate your legal representation and make sure that you have professionals who take a team approach to representing your interests.

We are not your typical law firm. When we look at our clients whose lives have been affected by an accident or fatality, we always think, but for the grace of God, go I. At our office, you are more than just a file, you are a person with real problems and it is our job to move heaven and earth to improve your situation. We value family and that allows us to bring a personal touch to wrongful death cases and we understand that the loss of a wife, husband and child leaves a hole that can never be filled, so our wrongful death attorneys do all that can be done within the bounds of the law to make sure anyone who was negligent and causes a wrongful death pay for their actions. As parents, we understand the impact of an injury to a child and have handled numerous cases where children have broken bones or fractures because of unsafe playground equipment.


Our White Plains criminal defense lawyers have won numerous stunning dismissals and not guilty charges on behalf of the falsely accused.

Whether you have been contacted by the police to “just give a statement” or whether a friend or family member was just arrested, you need legal representation to protect you. Our Westchester County criminal lawyers can appear in bail hearings in any of the local Criminal Courts in Westchester County. We fight to get our clients out of jail and to keep them out of jail. We share office space with a bail bondsman and can facilitate getting bail posted day or night even on the weekends.

In driving while intoxicated cases, we regularly appear at D.W.I. refusal hearings in Yonkers and will aggressively fight for you to keep your license. We also have extensive experience in hardship hearings after DWI suspensions pending prosecution.

Our criminal defense and civil rights attorneys stand up for our clients and regularly fight the case. We aggressively fight civil rights violations, whether they be illegal searches or misidentifications. We regularly hire experts to fight the people’s case and we do not simply accept the version of the facts which the police and prosecutors put forward. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, a good criminal defense lawyer is all that stands between you and the power of the State.

Not only do we defend these cases, when baseless claims are brought by the police, we regularly file civil rights law suits and our legal team has one of the highest reported jury verdicts for a malicious prosecution case. We understand the anguish that a false arrest, a baseless prosecution and police brutality can have on a person’s life. When the police fabricate charges or manufacture or slant evidence, we go after them. We sue the police in spite of the political ramifications because we believe in one simple principal, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere.

We are not only attorneys, but we are parents. So all of us have a soft spot for youthful offenders and go the extra mile to prevent a criminal charge from ruing a young person’s life. Our Westchester County criminal lawyers have represented numerous teenagers who are charged as adults with crimes and we fight to keep them from going to jail or getting criminal records by either obtaining violation reductions or youthful offender treatment. We have successfully represented numerous teenagers in cases involving sex crimes such as rape, forcible touching, sexual assault and sexual misconduct. We have also represented numerous teenagers who were charged with shoplifting, petit larceny, robbery, unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession and sale of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, LSD, acid, Crystal Meth, PCP, oxycotin and many others. We can help your child or loved one get into a program, get the help they need and avoid jail.

For Undocumented or Illegal Aliens, we also have the knowledge and experience to resolve criminal cases in such a way to avoid deportation. We work closely with immigration and deportation lawyers to keep immigrants here, avoid deportation and even in certain cases, help our clients to get green cards (permanent residence).

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the Westchester Criminal Courts including White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mt. Kisco, Greenburgh, Elmsford, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Bronxville, Sleepy Hollow, Irvington, Armonk, Port Chester, Rye, and Mount Vernon.

Our rates are affordable and we have flexible payment plans.

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