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What Cities Make Up Westchester County?

Westchester County is a diverse county that  is made up of several cities, towns and villages and has areas that are densely urban, suburban and rural. The biggest cities in Westchester County are White Plains, Yonkers and Mount Vernon; some of the other towns and villages that are contained within Westchester County include Port Chester, Rye, Bronxdale, Scarsdale, Elmsford, Greenberg, Hastings and Hartsdale. Some of the other towns and villages include Mount Cisco, Rye Brook, Sleepy Hollow and a few others.

What Are The Common Types Of Misdemeanor Cases Heard In Westchester County?

All misdemeanor cases are heard in the local courts in Westchester County. The village courts or town courts and city courts tend to handle different types of misdemeanor cases; that’s just more of the result of the people that either live, work or pass through those particular towns, villages or cities. For example, in White Plains, there is a big shopping mall and a lot of commercial activities, so in White Plains, criminal defense attorneys tend to see a lot of shoplifting or grand larceny-type cases because of the proximity to the malls.

Our Westchester criminal defense lawyers have handled many cases involving shoplifting, including petty larceny and grand larceny. As for the difference between petty larceny and grand larceny, there are a lot of variations, but the most common one that our Westchester County criminal defense attorneys see is that if the value of the merchandise is over $1,000, it becomes grand larceny; or if someone has a stolen credit card, it then becomes a felony.

Because of the amount of bars that are in the city of White Plains, our White Plains criminal defense lawyers see a lot of driving while intoxicated cases, drug cases, misdemeanor-level possession of drug cases and a fair amount of felony-level drug cases. That’s typically for White Plains. In other places, such as Yonkers, our criminal defense attorneys tend to see a lot of drug cases because there are a lot of gangs. We also see other types of street crime, including robbery cases in Yonkers. Yonkers has its share of burglary cases, along with gun cases, including unlawful possession.

Harrison is the sort of town where there is heavy police activity in terms of the highways that pass through town. So a lot of Westchester criminal defense attorneys, who practice in the Harrison criminal courts, tend to see a lot of driving while intoxicated cases; and usually when there is a DUI or DWI stop, law enforcement searches the car. In Harrison, we also see a good deal of drug cases, as well as some firearm cases and unlawful possession of weapons.

A lot of times truckers from the south drive through Harrison on some of the major parkways or interstates; they get pulled over and have a gun or a weapon for protection on the cab. Because of the heavy traffic enforcement that happens in Harrison, our criminal defense attorneys tend to see a fair amount of driving while license suspended or VTL511-type cases where people will have a lot of unpaid fines or something that’s suspending their license that a lot of times they aren’t even aware of. Once they get pulled over, it pops up as driving on a suspended license.

Our attorneys, who practice in the Rye courts, see a fair amount of drug cases because people tend to go bar hopping and sometimes enhance their experiences with narcotics, so we do see some of those charges. We also see in Rye a fair amount of robbery or shoplifting charges because people, when they come up from the Bronx, will stop at a local gas station or convenience store and put something in their pocket, so we’ve had a lot of those types of cases in Rye.

In Westchester, in general, one of the bigger types of misdemeanor crimes that we’re seeing a lot more of is prostitution-type cases; that’s because the Westchester County district attorney’s office has done a number of stings where they set up fake ads for prostitutes then have people come and meet them, so it’s really a setup. So we’ve seen a lot of the prostitution cases now in Harrison, Rye, Elmsford and White Plains.

So whenever someone is caught on one of these Craigslist, Eros or Back Page sex stings, they will be prosecuted for a misdemeanor case wherever the sting occurred. A lot of times sex crimes lawyers, who practice in Westchester County, have been able to get people out of these cases without even a criminal record. So we’ve had a high degree of success with these types of charges.

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