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What Are Common Construction Injury Types?

What Are Some Of The Most Common Types Of Construction Accidents That Westchester Construction Accident Attorneys see?

Our White Plains construction accident lawyers have seen every type of accident can happen on a construction site. Some of the most frequent accidents seen by our Westchester construction accident lawyers are accidents involving defective scaffolding, especially planks that break, bad ladders, scaffolding collapses, accidents involved in excavation, such as accidents where trenches collapse or where construction workers are struck by excavation machinery or loads that are being lifted or lowered or cave ins due to improper bracing of trenches, and falls caused by improper means of getting in or out of the trench. Our White Plains construction injury lawyers also handle a lot of cases involving demolition accidents particularly including saws or other machinery that are not properly guarded and walls that are demolished without the proper bracing.

Our Westchester construction work place accident lawyers also handed a lot of cases involving scaffold collapses where basically the scaffolds are overloaded or improperly stabilized. Often Materials are stored on the scaffolds which exceed the capacity of the scaffold to hold them. A lot of pump jack type scaffold collapses are seen, along with a lot of excavation type accidents. In excavation accidents, construction worker are too often injured during excavation operations, when they are hit by the excavation machinery or they are hit by a load. These accidents usually happen when the workers are rushed to cut corners and do not properly use taglines and the load shifts or load hits them, because the load is not properly controlled by a tag line. This happens a lot when the wind comes and moves the load. These are the more frequent types of accidents seen on Westchester construction sites.

Our construction accident attorneys also handle a lot of personal injury cases caused by slip and fall accidents on construction sites, where the work site has scattered debris or tools and the construction workers, who are carrying materials slip or tripping on debris that is discarded in the work or walking areas. Another common problem is construction workers being injured by stepping on sharp objects such as nails or other metal debris, and getting infections.

Our Westchester maritime construction lawyers see marine construction accidents where improper decking is utilized, such as decking on barges or float stages without nonskid applications which makes these walkways unreasonably dangerous, hazardous and slippery. Those are the biggest types of accidents seen by our maritime construction accident lawyers.

Our White Plains lawyers know that all Westchester construction workers are protected by New York’s Labor Laws. So in addition to being eligible for workers compensation benefits, most construction workers who are injured in Westchester, including on construction projects in White Plains, Rye, Scarsdale, Yonkers, Port Chester, Greenburgh, Elmsford, Valhalla, Ossining, Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle, can also sue the landowner (except for single family homeowners) and the general contractor. The Labor Laws that can be utilized to obtain compensation for a construction work place injury are Labor Law 200, 240 and 241.

Labor Law 200 requires that the construction operations and the construction sites be operated and maintained in a reasonably safe manner. The law makes the construction site owner and general contractor responsible to compensate construction workers who are injured because of dangerous conditions on a construction site in New York.

Labor Law 240 applies to falling workers and falling objects and provides protection against hazards caused by the dangers of gravity. This law makes construction general contractors and land owners liable for defective ladders, unsafe scaffolds, structures that collapsing and falling objects, such as loads that are being hoisted.

Our White Plains construction accident attorneys also handle a lot of Labor Law 241 cases, which involve violations of New York’s specific safety rules in the Industrial Code. Labor Law 241 makes the construction site owner and general contractor responsible for an injury or wrongful death of a New York construction worker which is caused by a violation of specific regulation. These regulations pertain to everything from unguarded openings, ramps, pile driving, scaffolding, excavation, demolition, altering, use of buckets and safety on excavators, unguarded material hoisting machinery, saws and saw guards, electrical work, painting and many others. These regulations govern almost every type of and requires the protection of people who are working on construction sites in New York, including all of the Westchester, towns, cities and villages.

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