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Criminal Defense

Westchester Criminal Defense Lawyers
Our attorneys are experienced Westchester criminal defense lawyers with extensive litigation and trial experience. We have handled thousands of criminal cases and won numerous acquittals, charge reductions and dismissals for our clients. If you were arrested and are facing criminal charges, we can help.

Our office is located in downtown White Plains and is walking distance to the Westchester County Court, the Federal U.S. District Court and the White Plains City Court. We are also centrally located and are only a few minutes drive from most of the local criminal courts.

If a family member was arrested, we can appear in court on short notice and usually get your family member released. Whether you have been contacted by the police for questioning or have been arrested retaining an attorney immediately is of the utmost importance. Our attorneys can put an end to harassing and intimidating police questioning. We also make effective bail applications and on many cases have been able to keep our clients from ever setting foot in a jail. When we contacted, we act fast to put together a bail application and work closely with a bail bondsman in the same office building to facilitate posting of bonds to make sure that our clients get our of custody and move on with their lives.

If you have a family member in the Westchester County Jail, in Valhalla, we can quickly assess the viability of a defense. Our office is one of few offices which has a video link to the jail and can communicate with inmates on as little as a half an hour’s notice. This allows us an upper hand in performing our investigation and securing evidence as soon as possible. When you or a loved one are charged with a criminal charge, time matters. You need legal counsel to protect your interests as soon as possible.

From a first time misdemeanor to the serious felony charge, our criminal defense lawyers have the experience to get you through this difficult time. We have litigated numerous search and seizure issues in gun, drug and other weapons charges. We have also successfully represented several underage clients and have extensive experience in making sure that young people who make mistakes do not get criminal records.

Our criminal defense attorneys fight hard to make sure that our clients get the best possible result. We have extensive experience in obtaining charge reductions and avoiding jail. We also regularly fight cases and have won numerous felony hearings, probable cause hearings, grand jury presentations and even trials. Our office aggressively investigates and prepares our cases and often uses tactics that few attorneys even think of such as retaining defense experts to challenge the science that the State prosecutors rely on, including several retired Federal Bureau of Investigation officers, who are the best experts in their field.

We can be reached at night and on weekends by voicemail or email. Just leave a message or send us an email and your call or email will be returned.

For more information call our office for an appointment or email us. Our White Plains Criminal defense lawyers will be happy to serve you. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge, our criminal defense attorneys can get you out of trouble. We have defended clients in White Plains, New York and Westchester County who are repeat offenders, as well as first time offenders. Call us today at (914) 574-8330 to speak with our White Plains Criminal defense lawyers. We offer a Free Initial Initial Consultation.

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