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How Often Will I Meet With My Attorney In The First Month After An Arrest?

It really depends on each attorney and it depends on the case but I would say you should expect to meet with your attorney at least once or twice if not more during the first month after an arrest. If your attorney is present in the arraignment, you should speak to him there. You should meet with your attorney after you are released within the first day or two or the first week.

Will I Have To Meet With Any Sort of Pre-trial Probation Officer Within That First 30 Days?

It is dependent on the charge that you are charged with whether you will have to meet with any sort of pre-trial probation officer within that first 30 days. It is possible, but most of the time you do not see a probation officer or you do not go to a probation officer within the first 30 days. Probation is usually a sentence imposed by the court after you’re convicted or after you plead guilty.

Some cases are resolved very quickly and can be resolved at the arraignment. You could be sentenced to three-years’ of probation at arraignment, which is rare but it may theoretically happen. You would then have to go see a probation officer to do a report and a recommendation called a Pre-Sentence Report.

What Should I Do After An Arrest To Get The Best Possible Outcome In My Case?

The first thing you should do after an arrest to get the best possible outcome in your case is to hire a criminal defense attorney in Westchester County that is familiar with the courts such as our office is. Don’t speak about the details of the case to a lot of people. Just confine it to family and really close friends that you can trust. Go to every court date and every appointment that you are given. Listen to your attorney and follow your attorney even if you believe that you are not getting the right advice or you are hesitant because you need to trust an attorney. You have to do everything that is mandated by the court. If you don’t, you are going to end up being re-arrested or if you are on probation, it could be a violation of probation which will only hurt your underlying case.

How Can I Discover Where A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Taken After An Arrest

Sometimes it is very difficult to ascertain where a friend or family member has been taken after an arrest. If your family member was arrested, you should first find out the local precinct where he was arrested. That local precinct will have a number that you can call and they should be able to verify whether the person is in the precinct, whether the person has been transported to court or whether the person has been released. If they tell you that he or she has been transferred to court then you can ask them which court. If you don’t know, you could find out by Googling your local criminal court within the jurisdiction of the police precinct and that is where they should be. There is a state court system online but that is not usually updated until after the arrest and the arraignment so that information is not going to be there.

The best way to discover where a friend or family member has been taken after an arrest is to hire an attorney. You can hire us and we have communications with the police. They will generally respond faster to attorneys. It’s the same way with the court. I could find out in a matter of minutes where someone usually is when they have been arrested as opposed to it taking a little bit more time for a member of the public.

Should I Call An Attorney Immediately If A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Arrested?

You should definitely call an attorney right away if a friend or family member has been arrested. You can call your local bar association to find a qualified attorney. If it is Saturday or Sunday, the bar association is going to be closed. You can call our office, the Law Office of Michael Joseph, at any time. We have a 24-hour answering system and we have someone live 24 hours a day. If it is an emergency, that person will contact an attorney to call you back. You can try to Google attorneys but you can call our office and we will help you.

Can An Attorney Help My Friend Or Family Member Get Out Of Jail Right Away?

An attorney can help your friend or family member get out of jail right away. Our office in Westchester serves all of the counties in Westchester so we would be available to go right away to any precinct and to any court. We have a tremendous amount of experience in the field of criminal defense. We could definitely help you get your family member out of jail right away.

Can Someone Change Their Attorney After They Get Out Of Jail?

You are able to change your attorney after you get out of jail. You are not obligated to stay with an attorney just as an attorney is not obligated to stay with a client throughout the duration of the case. An attorney can be substituted. The court can remove an attorney for whatever reason or an attorney can withdraw on his own voluntarily. The only thing is that the court would have to approve any such change in an attorney. You could hire someone else if you want to but it would have to get approval from the court. The court usually approves those types of changes unless there is a reason not to, which is rare.

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