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New Rochelle Criminal Defense Lawyers

New Rochelle is one of the largest cities in Westchester County and has a diverse population that comes into contact with the criminal justice system. All misdemeanor and felonies that occur within the city limits of New Rochelle begin in the New Rochelle City Court, While any felony that is not reduced to a misdemeanor is transferred to the Westchester County Court in White Plains, all initial felony arraignments for felonies that occur in New Rochelle are handled in the New Rochelle City Court, which is where the initial bail application is made. All misdemeanor offenses and violations which occur in New Rochelle are handled completely in the City Court for the City of New Rochelle.

The New Rochelle City Court is located at 475 North Street in New Rochelle and is easily accessible from interstate 95 from the North Street exit. The Courthouse is in the same complex as City Hall and has metered parking in the lot behind the Courthouse, as well as on North Street. If you have a case on before the New Rochelle City Court, make sure you bring quarters because the meters are aggressively checked.

Our Westchester Criminal defense lawyers have defended many criminal cases in the New Rochelle City Court. Our White Plains law office is a short drive from the New Rochelle City Court and walking distance to the Westchester County Court where all felonies are transferred to. The variety of criminal cases which pass through the City Court are as diverse as the population itself. Recently a number of high profile violence arrests including murder, robbery, shooting and stabbing resulting in homicide and assault charges have occurred in New Rochelle. Also a number of recent narcotics arrests have occurred including major distribution busts, especially heroin. Some of these cases have wound up in Federal Court and are being handled in the Southern District Court House in White Plains, which is located on the corner of Quarropas Street and Lexington Ave, which is walking distance from our White Plains law office. New Rochelle, with a busy shopping area, surrounding New Rock City, also sees its fair share of petit larceny and grand larceny cases. Since interstate 95 runs through New Rochelle, a large number of driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving with suspended license charges are also handled in the New Rochelle City Court. Due to the large undocumented hispanic population, New Rochelle also sees a lot of forged document cases, especially identification cards, social security cards and applications with fake names or social security numbers, as well as driving without a license (including out of state licenses where the licensee has failed to obtain a New York license within 30 days). Forged document cases are often charged as felonies, but unless actually offered with the intent to deceive or obtain a benefit, the mere possession is really a misdemeanor.

Our Westchester criminal defense lawyers have handled numerous cases in the New Rochelle City Court and have the experience to handle any type of criminal case in New Rochelle.

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