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Police Brutality

Our New York police brutality attorneys have handled numerous cases of excessive force in New York City, Westchester, Long Island and Rockland County. Every citizen has the right under the United States Constitution to be free from excessive force by police officers during an arrest. Generally, police officer must use only the amount of force which is reasonable to subdue a suspect. Often in the arrest context, police officers in New York, will use more force than necessary or use force when none is necessary. Our New York City and Westchester police brutality lawyers are aggressive in finding witnesses, documenting injuries and mechanisms of injury to expose the lies. If there is no arrest, everyone has the Constitutional right to liberty not to be assaulted and battered by the police. Our New York police brutality lawyers have handled numerous cases of unjustified use of mace, pepper spray, tightening handcuffs to tight and beating a suspect who was handcuffed.

In the corrections or prison context, every prisoner has the Constitutional right not to be subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment.

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