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Where Is The Court Located In White Plains?

The White Plains City Court, which includes the criminal court for the city of White Plains and White Plains City civil Court, is located at 77 South Lexington Avenue in White Plains, New York.

What Can Someone Expect When They Go To Court In White Plains?
In the White Plains City Court, there are actually two courtrooms. One is part A, and one is part B. Part A is usually on your left-hand side when you walk in, and part B is usually on your right-hand side. Typically, most of the criminal cases are heard in part A except for when you get to a hearing or trial stage; then usually you have to report to part B. Usually, in the White Plains City Court, the first appearance is what’s called an arraignment, and generally, you’ll enter a plea of not guilty, and the case will get adjourned for a conference stage.

At that point, our White Plains criminal defense attorneys will attempt to negotiate a plea bargain, and our attorneys have been successful in getting reductions of the charges in exchange for pleas of guilty. Typically, if that is successful, most of the time, there is a bargain for disposition, which means that we agree in advance with what’s actually going to happen before a plea is entered or any type of guilty plea is entered.

If it’s a case that we feel strongly that a person is completely wrongfully accused of or not guilty at all, a lot of times our criminal defense attorneys, who practice in the White Plains City Court, will make motions to dismiss. Sometimes those are successful, and sometimes they’re not; if we get to a stage where we have to do either a probable cause hearing or go to trial, those are usually held in part B of the White Plains City Court.

What Can Someone Expect If They Are Arrested In White Plains?
Typically, if it’s a misdemeanor-level charge and a first offense, they’ll either be given a desk appearance ticket, at which point they have to then appear later on in court; or if it’s a heavier case, they’ll be brought to the White Plains City Court and either be released on their own recognizance, or if it’s a more serious case, the court will set bail. Generally, there is either a cash bond, which means you put cash money down, or you can hire a bail bondsman to be released.

Usually, if a person has bail placed on them, they’ll have a short appearance date, which means in the following week, they’ll come back to court to see if the case can be resolved. If a person is released on either their own recognizance or makes bail, the case will be put over, usually for about a month, after which the parties come back and discuss the case to see if a resolution can be reached.

What Types Of Criminal Cases Do You Frequently Handle In White Plains?
The White Plains City Court handles every type of misdemeanor case. The most common charges that our White Plains criminal defense lawyers handle are drug cases, narcotics cases, shoplifting, grand larceny and prostitution cases. There are also a lot of driving while intoxicated cases, driving on a suspended license cases and certainly because of the bars and people getting rowdy, there are a lot of disorderly conduct-type cases and even assault-type cases that are commonly heard in the White Plains City Court.

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