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White Plains Car Accident Lawyers

From our downtown White Plains law office, our White Plains car accident lawyers have a combined three decades of experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases from all types of car accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents and bicycle accidents. No matter how seriously you or a loved one are injured, our car accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge to successfully represent you and bring a good outcome to an unfortunate situation. Unfortunately, car accidents in White Plains are an not uncommon occurrence.

The high volume of vehicular traffic going through the City of White Plains on a daily basis virtually guarantees that human error will occur and car accidents will and do happen. Over the years, White Plains has become the major metropolitan and business center of Westchester County. Every day there are approximately 300,000 cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles going in and out of downtown White Plains and during the holiday season, this number rises to 375,000 vehicles everyday. Additionally, the outskirts of White Plains, including the areas along Westchester Avenue’s Corporate Parks and the Central Avenue and Mamaroneck Avenue areas have up to 150,000 cars, trucks buses and motorcycles traveling on these roads every day.

The likelihood of car accidents in White Plains is further escalated by the amount of bars and restaurants because of a number of drivers who consume alcohol prior to driving. The accident numbers in White Plains are continuing to rise because of the number of people texting and using their cell phones while driving.

Another problem in the City of White Plains is the high amount of pedestrian traffic along Mamaroneck Avenue, East Post Road, Broadway and Main Street. These pedestrians are often crossing high speed roadways, where even when the speed limit is 30 miles per hour, they are rarely obeyed. Likewise, several roadways which are one way streets such as Mamaroneck Avenue and Main Street, require drivers to drive well out of their way to reach their destination. This problem is exacerbated by the large number of no turn on red signs, which causes driver frustration, which in turn results in higher vehicular speed in general. This combination of contributing factors results in a high number of pedestrians who are hit by cars while crossing the street.

Our White Plains car accident attorneys have handled every type of car accident including rear end collisions, sideswipes, pedestrian knock-downs and even head on collisions. Our attorneys are not afraid of the insurance companies or the large defense law firms that defend these cases. White Plains car and truck accident lawyer Michael Joseph even won a judgment of over $800,000 in the Westchester Supreme Court against the City of White Plains arising out of a car accident with a City of White Plains garbage truck. Our downtown White Plains law office is walking distance to the Westchester Supreme Court on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and our personal injury lawyers are regulars in the White Plains courthouse.

If you were injured in a car accident in White Plains, trust your case to some of the most experienced car accident lawyers in Westchester County. Let our experience work for you. Our consultations are always free. Our White Plains Car accident lawyers also understand the injuries that can be sustained in a car accident in New York. Whether you are looking for a personal injury attorney in White Plains, NY, or a Westchester County Car accident attorney, call The Law Offices of Michael H. Joseph in White Plains, NY, at (914) 574-8330 to speak with our auto accident lawyers. We offer Free Initial Consultation to our clients.

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