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White Plains Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in any type of accident in Westchester County, our White Plains personal injury lawyers have the experience to give you the representation that you deserve. Our trial lawyers have handled every type of accident case that there is. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of car and truck accident cases, slip, trip and fall cases, construction accident cases and dangerous product cases. Our law firm is part of the White Plains community and has the competence of a New York City practice. We have a firm commitment to making sure that people who have been injured through another person’s negligence get the compensation that they deserve.

Among the most common accidents that occur in White Plains are car accidents, especially pedestrians being hit by cars while crossing the street, slip and falls on defective stairways and snow and ice as well as construction accidents and assaults by bouncers in the local bars. Even though the City of White Plains code requires that commercial landowners clear the sidewalks of snow and ice within a short period of time after it stops snowing or raining, many commercial owners, especially those whose stores are vacant, often ignore these regulations. Our White Plains personal injury attorneys are also seeing a rise in work-related and industrial accidents since the local employers have been pushing their employees harder and cutting corners on safety.

Our accident lawyers expect to see an increase in bicycle accidents since the City of White Plains recently put bicycle lanes along several major roadways. These bicycle lanes will likely increase the number of bicyclists on the streets of White Plains, which will likely lead to more bicyclists being hit by cars and trucks. If you or someone you know has been in a bicycle accident sustaining injuries, call our White Plains Personal injury lawyers to discuss your case. We offer Free Initial Consultation to clients. Our Westchester County Personal injury attorney will give you the best representation.

With our offices located in central White Plains, between Mamaroneck Avenue and Broadway, we are only a few blocks away from the Westchester Supreme Court, which is located at 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, as well as the United States District Court on Quarropas Street. Our attorneys are regulars in the Westchester Supreme Court and also regularly appear in the Federal Courts. We are also walking distance from the White Plains Hospital and a short drive from the Westchester County Medical Center. This allows our White Plains personal injury attorneys to quickly respond to seriously injured clients who cannot come to the office because they are confined to the hospital or at home. This allows us to make sure that time sensitive steps are taken, such as getting no fault applications filed, getting notice of claims served and getting the worker’s compensation files set up. When you or a loved one are hurt, the last thing you should have to worry about who is going to pay your medical bills or replace your lost wages. We can also secure evidence before scenes change, such as getting photographs of accident scenes and securing video footage from surveillance cameras from the City of White Plains and local businesses.

Our consultations are always free and there is never a fee unless you recover money. Call our office at (914) 574-8330 to talk to a Westchester County Personal injury attorney.

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